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 * Illustration * Graphic Design * Product Design *

* Tattoo Design * Photography *

* Poems * Stories * Animation *

Sophia knows she could never solve all the problems in the world using design, but she tries to actively promote a world with more love for animals and plants. By selecting her material carefully, Sophia hopes not only to share her passion with the world, but also to do this in a sustainable way. That's why her bags, for example, are made from 100% ecological and organic cotton.


Sophia loves animals and nature, colors and patterns. She uses visual storytelling to raise awareness about global sustainability challenges. Through her work, she hopes to introduce people to the world’s beautiful, happy, and innocent organisms.


Her passion is to visualize her stories, ideas and thoughts. By using form, color and movement, she can shape and create the scenarios from her mind.


She visualizes her way of seeing things, so everyone can experience them with her. She likes it when she can give people a certain happy feeling after they have seen her work. That's why she will always keep doing what she loves: combining and processing the impulses of the world in different ways using diverse techniques to create something special. 


2017 – 2020  WDKA Rotterdam Illustratie

2016 – 2017  WDKA Rotterdam Product design

2014 – 2016  Cibap Zwolle Graphic design

2013 – 2014  Cibap Leeuwarden Graphic design


2021 Wolf Coffee | Rotterdam

2019 Oase | Rotterdam

2019 Culturele markt, The student hotel | Amsterdam

2019 Yellow light, Micacoffeecafé | Haarlem

2019 Tropisch Oost, Oosterpark | Amsterdam

2019 Kunstachterdijken | Pingjum

2018 Redfloor | Rotterdam

2018 Niffo | Rotterdam

2017 Paradepaadje | Bozum

2017 Niffo | Rotterdam 

2017 Kunstachterdijken | Pingjum

2017 Groos | Rotterdam 

2017 CactusClub | Rotterdam 

2016 Galerie het Langhuis | Zwolle 

2016 Kunstroute | Pingjum 

Stores where I sell or have sold​

Rotterdam  - Wolf Coffee

Amsterdam - Briek

Amsterdam - Culture Collective by Nomi

Amsterdam - Creative Haus

Amsterdam - Handmade heaven

Amsterdam - La Maison De Sophie

Amsterdam - De Ville

Amsterdam - Beter en leuk

Amsterdam - All the luck in the world

Rotterdam  - Niffo

Utrecht       - All the luck in the world

Zwolle        - Made by Cibap 

Zwolle        - Blauwdruck 


2019 Capventure | Amsterdam

2016 Studio Roof | Amsterdam 

2015 Liekeland | Helmond

Illustrated books

Poetry collection 'Dichterbij' | Mei 2021

Author: Paul Edauw 

Publisher: © 2021 | De Elzéard Academie

Layout: Maarten Metz

Random Acts Against Depression (RAAD) | juni 2019

Author: peter valbracht

Publisher: Uitgeverij Aspekt B.V.


Het spiegelheelal van Rianne | November 2016

Author: Enno Bruinsma

Publisher: Boekscout


De tunnel | December 2012 Frysk and Dutch

Author: Enno Bruinsma 

Publisher: Elikser

Translated by: Klaas Bruinsma

De tsien barchjes en de koekoeksklok | June 2011 

Author: Enno Bruinsma 

Publisher: Elikser

Translated by: Klaas Bruinsma

De gouden knikker | June 2010

Frysk and Dutch

Author: Enno Bruinsma 

Publisher: Elikser



Window paintings 2021

Mural for Metabolic January 2021


Actress in Muziekclip Lichtverlaten land - Marit Kok (official music video) June 2017

Actress in Muziekclip Skulls - Bastille (Unofficial music video) June 2016

My work was published in art magazine 'kunstzone' May 2016

Actress in the book trailer 'Verkozen' June 2014

Author: Amy van Palmhoven 

Made a few illustrations for Hotel Stock Amsterdam which they use on their walls, towels, birdhouses and trays.

I came in at 5th place at the Slauerhoff poetry contest in 2010 (poëzieprijs FroeksTV) with my poem 'Wat ik zou willen'​ (What I would want) June 2010